what's it like to work with a virtual bookkeeper?
Once upon a time running a business meant record keeping by hand and eventually hiring a staff bookkeeper to keep track of that. As technology has grown over the years the amount of time and effort needed to keep an accurate set of books has slowly diminished. 
Now there are so many options for software that allow business owners to use the internet to it’s full advantage and leverage the skills of people who aren’t necessarily in their local area. 
A Virtual Bookkeeper is just like any bookkeeper, but we work specifically with online accounting software and tools. Because of the tools available to us, we can serve clients from all over the country (and world) by combining expertise with their needs. 

If you are considering working with a Virtual Bookkeeper here are some things you can expect:

Online Software – Very rarely will a virtual bookkeeper want to use a desktop type software that they have to share files with or remote log into your computer. 
Apps in addition to Accounting Software – In order to be able to properly access items like bank statements and receipts, you will probably need to connect to an app that will allow you to easily and quickly share important documents related to your bookkeeping.
Video Chat and Phone Calls – Your bookkeeper is not just a number robot. We will reach out to you to talk “in-person”. Often we want to get clarification on items and take the time to explain what your numbers mean. Also don’t feel like you can’t request a meeting with your bookkeeper to ask questions or just review your books. 
Flat Rate Monthly Billing – The majority of Virtual Bookkeepers are moving away from an hourly rate and towards flat rate billing. Often the rates will have to do with the size of your business and the bookkeeping demands, this includes factors such as number of bank accounts, credit cards, credit card processing; total transactions; service requirements like invoicing or bill pay. There really is not easy one size fits all services so be prepared to wait for a custom quote. 

When considering working with a Virtual Bookkeeper here are some questions to ask yourself:

Am I comfortable using online technology? 
Do I need face to face interaction to feel secure with my bookkeeping?
Am i looking for someone who focuses on my industry?
Am I ready to work with anyone on my finances?
Will I listen and take advice from a bookkeeper?
Can my business sustain a monthly fee?
This will help you know if you are ready to reach out to someone. It is ok to talk to a few people to see who you really click with and can be the person to help take your business to the next level.

Ready to get started with a Virtual Bookkeeper?

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