Virtual Tax Preparation

How it works

We work hard to make tax preparation as easy on you as possible.

Everything is done virtually so you never have to worry about driving to an office (putting real pants on).


Step 1:

Fill out our Tax Organizer

This is an encrypted online form.


Step 2:

Upload your documents

We use a bank-level safe online portal.


Step 3:

Book an appointment to review

Meet us for a friendly video chat. 


Below are our starting prices.

To get a personalized quote (no commitment), click here.

Please read FAQs below.

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We deliver the best refund possible, give you personalized attention, and offer insightful tax advice to help you grow your biz.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of businesses do you help?

We specialize in online, service-based businesses. If you offer products with your services, that's great (we do too)!

We also help handmade-product businesses (like Etsy shops).

If you run a brick and mortar business, click here to locate a local CPA.

Are you accepting new clients?

Absolutely! We usually close our client list sometime between March 15 and April 1 so make sure to fill out our tax quote form to reserve your spot.

Do you offer free consults?

We offer free consults May through December. During tax season, our calendar is full of tax prep and tax meetings so we ask you to book a Discovery Call. This way Melissa can set aside special time and attention for you and your business needs.

(you'll receive a credit towards your tax prep fee if you book a paid call)

Can you do both my business and personal tax return?

Yes! We'll do your personal tax return as well as your business taxes.

We offer business taxes for the following entities:

  • Sole proprietors
  • Partnerships
  • S-corporations with revenue under 500k

To get started with us, read the answer to the following question.

How do I get started with tax prep?

To file both personal + business taxes, fill out our tax quote form first.

We'll review the form and respond with a tax quote within three business days. If you decide to accept our quote, you'll receive our tax organizer and can begin the tax prep process.

We will not accept new clients once we are booked to full capacity so the sooner you get started, the better!

For a business-only tax return (s-corp), contact us here and we'll set up a quick call.

What sort of documents will I need to upload?

Regarding personal documents:

You can click here for a list of common personal documents.

Regarding business documents:

If you own a business or worked freelance, we'll need to see your business expenses and income.

+ If you run a S-corp, you are legally required to keep your bookkeeping and payroll records updated. Should you need help with this, let us know when filling out our tax quote form.

+ If you worked as a contractor (fiverr, upwork, uber, etc.) you'll also want to upload the 1099 form(s) you receive.

+ If you used bookkeeping software to keep track of your business expenses/income, you can simply export the reports we ask for or give us access to your software to retrieve them.

What if I used my own spreadsheet for bookkeeping?

If you used your own bookkeeping spreadsheet, please sort your expenses according to IRS tax categories. (Schedule C categories)

There will an additional fee if we need to sort/create the proper categories for you.

  • If you didn't use anything to track your expenses in 2018, we recommend catching up on this spreadsheet.
  • For 2019, we recommend THIS spreadsheet. The spreadsheets are easy-to-use and cheaper than our additional fees.

Can you do my bookkeeping?

Unfortunately, we are booked to full capacity with bookkeeping clients and projects. If you'd like referrals to some amazing bookkeepers, simply contact us and let us know!

IF YOU NEED CLEANUP WORK FOR TAX SEASON, contact us immediately for a referral. Bookkeepers are booking up FAST.  You might have to file a tax extension if you're not set up with a bookkeeper by March.

Our team will grow post-tax season. Let us know if you'd like to be put on our bookkeeping waitlist! Please note, we only offer monthly bookkeeping WITH tax services. Bookkeeping is not a stand-alone service.

    Where are you located?

    Our team is based out of California, Colorado, and Oregon! We file tax returns for clients in all 50 states.

    Do you offer any discounts?

    If you've had a paid consult with Melissa between October 1 and March 25, you'll receive a $49 credit towards your tax return fee. 

    *VIP clients get substantial discounts on their tax returns. (VIP clients have referred 5 or more paying clients to us)

    Can I pay you with my refund?

    We accept payment via debit/credit card or Paypal for tax prep fees. Payment is due before filing so paying with your refund isn't an option at this point.

    Do you work with rental income properties?

    We sure do! Click here to read what sort of information you'll want handy & organized for tax time. Melissa does have a simple fillable worksheet available for client use.

    I'm a US citizen but live outside the country, can you help me?

    Sure! If you have US income, you'll file a US tax return. Because you'll have potential complications with your tax return, the rates will be higher. Please click here to fill out our tax quote form.

    I'll need a tax extension this year, can you help me?

    Yes, of course. If you've read the above Q & A's and think we'll be a good fit for ya, simply fill out this tax quote form to get started. Tax extensions will require a $50 deposit.

    For a business-only tax return extension (s-corp), contact us here and we'll set up a quick call.


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