Welcome to the 2020 Tax Season!

To get started, find out your price estimate (link below).



If you didn’t use bookkeeping software, please fill out our worksheet below. It helps organize your expenses into tax specific categories.



Bookkeeping Worksheet

Rental Property Worksheet

Below Are Useful Tax Links & Calculators

Tax Bracket Calculator

Get an idea what tax bracket you’ll be in this year.


Refund Calculator

Learn if you’ll probably owe or get a refund. You’ll need to have up-to-date bookkeeping for it to be accurate.


Dependents Quiz

If you’re unsure if you have a “dependent” that you can claim. Take the quiz below to find out.


Federal Websites

Click here to visit the IRS

Click here to visit the Small Business Administration

  Here Are Quick & Handy Tax Guides 

Ultimate Tax Deduction Guide

1099 Everything Guide

Reminder: 1099s are due by January 31st



Last tax season was a while ago! Below is a quick refresher of the tax return process.



  Steps To File Your Tax Return With Us


1. Get a price estimate so there are no surprises about tax prep costs

2. Fill out the Tax Organizer form

3. Schedule an appointment to meet with Melissa

4. Upload all tax & bookkeeping documents so we can prepare your taxes

5. Pay your invoice

6. Meet with Melissa online to review your tax return

7. Sign your tax return electronically so we can e-file it

8. Make your payments to the IRS/State (if you owe)



  Our Terms & Expectations


Tax documents must be uploaded at least one week before your appointment.


Bookkeeping must be complete and ready to share at least one week before your appointment.


Payment must be made before we e-file your tax return.


If we did your 2018 taxes, you’ll receive a 10% loyalty discount.

Other Service Inquiries

The following services are only available once you have filled out the Price Estimate form above.

Filing 1099s

We will offer this service until January 25. Be sure to have each contractor’s W9 form handy when filling out this form. If you haven’t collected them yet, now is a good time to ask for it.

Tax Extensions

You can get a tax extension if you know you won’t be able to meet April’s deadline. If you have a Partnership or S Corp and we haven’t done your business taxes before, email us first.  (hello@melissawhaley.com)

Otherwise, you can click here to fill out our Tax Extension request form. 


This service is completely dependent upon our bookkeeper’s availability. It’s a first come, first serve service. Please email us if you’re interested.



S Corp Setups

We are unable to offer this service during the tax season but if you’re curious what an S Corp conversion involves or how much it costs, please feel free to check it out here. Melissa can arrange timing with you should you want to proceed with the setup. 


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