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Know Your


Along with a team of Experts on your Side.

Tired of feeling lost in a sea of information, not feeling sure what the right choice is? Taxes, bookkeeping, and all this numbers stuff is totally overwhelming because let’s be honest, you’re good at what you do, but you don’t feel confident as a “numbers person”. That’s where we come in, helping creative business owners, just like you, get out of confused freak out mode and into a sweet groove of money systems and strategy.

Meet Melissa, CEO

You don’t need a finance person that is going to talk down to you or make you feel bad for not understanding the financial side of life. Hi! I’m Melissa, Tax Advisor and Financial strategist for creative business owners who want to be in control, but aren’t sure where to begin.  Accounting and Taxes are a deeply personal experience and you deserve personalized treatment – not a cookie cutter experience. Let’s talk and begin creating your personalized money system.

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