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Five Elements to a Killer Invoice

Getting paid is a pretty important part of owning your a business, so you want to make sure that it is as easy as possible for your clients to pay your invoice.     IF YOU ARE SERVICE BASED, OR INVOICE FOR PRODUCTS, THEN THESE TIPS WILL GET YOUR INVOICES INTO TIP TOP...

Automating Your Invoicing in Wave Accounting

One of the most important elements of starting and running a business is creating a system for getting paid. There are many different options out there, but one of my favorites by far is Wave Accounting. This is the first in a four-week series going through ways to...

How to Take Control of Your Profit

In order to pay yourself first, you need to focus on planning where and when you spend your business money. If you are constantly buying “all the things” (I’ve been there) and not actually paying yourself, then you are not really in control of your money. Why should you be paying everyone else but yourself? It's time to take control of your profit.

Create your Personal Budget Plan + Freebie

In my last post I talked about making a making a plan for your money. Today I want to focus on the personal side. The reason this is important is because it is the foundation of your finances. You need to know how much money you're going to need each month to meet...

Is Budget A Dirty Word?

Admit it, when you look at your bank balance online or on an ATM receipt, you assume that’s how much money you have to spend. Well, I have news for you, your bank account is lying to you. The days of keeping a ledger at the back of our checkbook are gone (I know who...

What's it like to work with a Virtual Bookkeeper?

Once upon a time running a business meant record keeping by hand and eventually hiring a staff bookkeeper to keep track of that. As technology has grown over the years the amount of time and effort needed to keep an accurate set of books has slowly diminished.  Now...

Chip Cards & EMV – What you Need to Know

These microchip enabled cards have been the standard in other parts of the world for quite a while, but the US was slow to catch on. Now the major credit card issuers are putting new rules into effect that require merchants (that’s you business owners) to upgrade to chip card terminals. Thursday October 1st is when these new rules officially go into effect.

Track ALL your Money

It is very important to track your business finances and know where you stand. But how many of your put the same effort into tracking your personal finances?

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