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Raise your hand if you’re sick of having mild panic attacks during tax season.

You don’t know what to do, you’re not even totally sure how much you made, and you’re mildly terrified of what you might owe.

I’m Melissa Whaley, licensed tax pro, financial strategist, bookkeeper, and California girl. I’m here to morph your panic attack into a plan of attack. Together, we’ll make sure your business runs as smoothly as a chocolate fountain and matches the stress level of a candle lit bubble bath, because lucky for you, I really like math.

I work virtually with creative business women, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs who light up over their work and freak out over their numbers. The good news is that you don’t have to be a numbers person to drop the dread and feel empowered. Just knowing and understanding your numbers opens a world of possibilities.

I grew up in a family of business owners and have been doing bookkeeping and taxes for over 6 years. I discovered my love for finance after I became a licensed tax preparer in 2009. When I worked for a large retail tax company, I saw that lots of people were experts in their field, but most had never been taught how to run their business’ finances.

It doesn't need to be this way!

I live to hear “that was painless”, “it makes so much more sense now”, and “I get it.” This is exactly how you deserve to feel as you run your business. I’m less about doing it for you and more about teaching you how. The level of intensity and ownership is up to you. I’ll show you how to read your numbers and promise not to bore you through every technical step.

Whether you’re brand new or have been in business for years, the bottom line is that you’re empowered, have blown stress a goodbye kiss, and feel like the boss that you are.

Oh and in case you were wondering, here are my fancy titles:

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor - QuickBooks Online Certification

CTEC Registered Tax Preparer

Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor

Wave Certified Pro

Freshbooks Certified Bookkeeper

And just so you’re absolutely convinced my love of numbers doesn’t come with a personality of burnt toast:

I love camping and the outdoors, grew up at the beach, but can’t surf or skate to save my life, am a classically trained singer, started drinking coffee in high school and became a barista in college to feed my addiction, am married to an incredible man, am mama to three little ones, and will wear a sweatshirt until I’m literally sweating because that’s how much I love to be cozy.


See? Real person. I break everything down into conversational, yet informative language because honestly, you don’t need someone to talk over your head about your numbers. You are the most important piece of your business and my job is to give you the tools to feel that way.

Contact me for a free 20 minute discovery call and let’s do this. Your finances are ready and waiting. Rolling around in your Benjamins afterward is totally your call.

Are you in?

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