You’re not alone anymore.


You don’t know what to do, you’re not sure how much you’ve made, and you’re mildly terrified of what you might owe… 


You’re our favorite type of client! Our team works virtually with online business owners who light up over their work but freak out over their numbers. We help you drop the dread and get in control. When we say, “know your numbers”, it really means… “know your BUSINESS“.


Hi! I’m Melissa Whaley, CEO, licensed tax pro, financial strategist, public speaker, educator, and beachy California girl. I’m here to morph your panic attack into a plan of attack.

With five kids, I understand the pressures and stresses of running a business. Trust me! I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and remember hearing those all-too-familiar conversations about making money and tax deductions. I stumbled into taxes after signing up for a tax preparing class nine years ago. I loved it and have been hooked ever since! 

For a while, I worked for a large tax company and over and over again, I met incredible business owners who were amazing at their trade but clueless about their numbers.. and it was hurting their businesses. My employers weren’t interested in educating them and that bothered me.

I decided one day to work for myself and the rest is history. No one is born knowing how to run a business or read a financial statement, you have to learn. But it’s easier than ya think! I’ll show you. 

we specialize in making you THE BOSS.

Bosses KNOW their numbers. They DELEGATE tasks. They GROW the business.

Meet Angelica

Project Manager and Tax Preparer

Angelica has always identified as a “creative” growing up; she even went to college for photography and wrote her own screenplay. An unexpected passion was born; however, when she got the chance to help a small business with their finances… it turns out you CAN be a “creative” and be good with numbers. Angelica is living proof! Currently, she lives in Oregon and loves to sip coffee out on the back deck, soaking in the trees.






Meet Teri

Lead Bookkeeper and QuickBooks Advisor

Teri has a passion for helping entrepreneurs with their books. She knows first-hand what it takes to run a small business and how important the finances truly are! She has witnessed many clients succeed and achieve their dreams. Teri followed her own life-long dreams and is a very talented ballet dancer and photographer. When she’s not busy bookkeeping, you can find her in Colorado with her family, camera in hand. 

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