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You don't need a finance person that is going to talk down to you or make you feel bad for not understanding the financial side of life. Hi! I'm Melissa, Tax Advisor and Financial strategist for busy Mom entrepreneur's who want to be in control, but aren't sure where to begin. Let's karate chop that financial stress and hook you up with systems that will make running your business smoothe like buttah. Head over to my free business deductions training or straight to my work with me page to find out how to be friends.

“Before working with Melissa. I was pretty clueless about filing my taxes as a new freelancer, so pretty much everything — bookkeeping, taxes, accounting, etc. I feel like I have personally benefited immensely because of the new knowledge I have of taxes and bookkeeping. In turn, my business has definitely benefited. I am making steps towards improving my bookkeeping so that tax season doesn't feel like the apocalypse. It's ok if you don't know what you're doing! Melissa is definitely great at helping!

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Quick Guide to 1099-Misc

Guide to 1099-misc A 1099-misc is an income reporting form for businesses. The most common use you will see is business owners using it to report to the IRS if they paid someone to do contract services for their business.  This is called Box 7 “Non-employee...

What taxes do I pay as a Sole Proprietor?

Income Tax, Sales Tax, State Tax, Quarterly Tax? Talk about confusing Often times it is the "simple" questions that can feel the most confusing when it comes to taxes. Today I'm sharing with you the very basics of what and how taxes are paid as a sole proprietor. You...

Employee Versus Contractor

Hiring a team is a big and important step as business owner. Making sure that you are classifying your team properly is even more important. The trend right now in online business in particular is to only use contractors and avoid the "complications" of employees....

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